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FAQs about Services

The following presents questions frequently asked by customers and our replies to them. Please take a look at them, as they may answer your question.

What businesses and services do you engage in?

As an integrated logistics operator, we engage in export and import procedures handling, international logistics, domestic logistics center operations, the rental of MAXICON medium-sized bulk transport containers, the plastic pallet cleaning service with thorough hygiene control, and overseas goods inspection services, among others. As a logistics company affiliated with an integrated trading company, we support customers’ overseas expansion by capitalizing on our strength in information and our network.

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Where are your sales offices located?

In Japan, we have sales offices in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. Our logistics centers are permanently located in Chiba, Saitama, Kanagawa and Osaka. In Gunma we have the pallet cleaning and management depot, and in Kanagawa we have the main center* for the MAXICON rental service. Outside Japan, we operate many different services with the use of the global network of the general trading company.

*For details about the center and overseas offices, please refer to Our offices.

* The MAXICON return depots are located in major regions in Japan. For details, please refer to the MAXICON Rental page.

Are your logistics services available in any locations other than those of your business ?

We offer logistics services in various locations in Japan with the use of the network. Outside Japan, we offer high quality logistics services globally through the SGL Group, the Sumitomo Corporation Group, our agents and partner companies. Please feel free to contact us.

What goods are you able to deal with?

We mainly handle metal materials and products, chemicals, machinery and plant, heavy items, precision machinery, general miscellaneous goods, clothing, agricultural and fishery products and other food. With our extensive track record as a logistics company affiliated with a general trading company, we may possibly handle other items. Please contact us for a consultation.

What services are operated at your domestic logistics centers?

We operate logistics centers of leading e-commerce companies, store apparel and miscellaneous goods, conduct optimal transport to outlets, and operate three-temperature-zone logistics centers for distributors and restaurants. These days, we capitalize on our experience to offer services to customers in the medical care sector. Making active use of an independently developed warehouse management system, we offer value-added logistics services to gain high marks from customers for system stability.

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Comments and Inquiries

We are happy to respond to your questions and inquiries. If your question is not answered in the FAQs or if you have a request, please send it to us here.
We look forward to your valuable comments.

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