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Terms and Conditions of Use

When you use this website, you will be deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions of use set out below. The terms and conditions of use may be subject to change without prior notice. In this event, you are asked to agree to the latest revision edition of the terms and conditions of use.


The copyright, trademark right and other intellectual property rights to all the information provided on this website or the individual constituents thereof, such as the database, charts, images, explanation texts, and sound, fall under our ownership unless otherwise specified. It is prohibited to divert or reproduce any of the information and its constituents without our permission.


We do not guarantee that the information provided on this website is correct and up-to-date. We will accept no liability whatsoever for any damage caused to any user of this website arising from its use.

Rules on Links

In principle, you are free to provide a link to this website. However, we may ask that no such link be created for any purpose or on any content that contravenes public order and morals in a manner that displays any content of this website in any frame or in any manner that we deem inappropriate. If you create a link to this website, please make sure that its destination is its homepage at www.sglogi.co.jp, and please contact the webmaster of this website at soum-01@sglogi.co.jp.

Environment for use

We recommend the environment specified below for the use of this website.
In any environment other than the recommended environment or depending on your browser settings even in the recommended environment, this website may not be available or displayed appropriately.
Please also note that the installation of some software may result in an inappropriate function.

Recommended browsers

WindowsXP : Internet Explorer 6.0, Internet Explorer 7.0, Firefox 2.0
WindowsVista : Internet Explorer 7.0


This website uses the plug-ins specified below. If you have yet to install them, you are advised to download them from below at the time of using this website. Please note that they may be subject to change without prior notice.

To view any PDF file, Adobe Reader is needed. If you do not have the Adobe Reader plug-in, please click on the plug-in banner to install the latest version of Adobe Reader.


Download Adobe Reader


This website includes some pages that contain JavaScript. If JavaScript is disabled on your browser, these pages may not work or be displayed properly. Prior to viewing any of these pages, please enable JavaScript in your browser settings.


On this website, web pages are created using the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) technology. To display web pages appropriately, please enable CSS.

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