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Project Logistics

Background of service implementation

Eliminate the workload of complicated administrative jobs

Manufacturers who set up factories overseas must deal with complicated operations for the start-up, such as obtaining permission and authorization from local authorities, import customs clearance, and installation of the equipment.

They also typically lack the expertise and human resources for this kind of work.

This results in multiple problems, which severely affect the factory construction schedule.

Solutions for project logistics

A one-stop service for project logistics

Our one-stop project logisitcs service frees you from troublesome communication with various parties and from complicated logistics operations.

A one-stop service for project logistics

Overview of our service

We propose the best solutions with our international transport system.

We offer an efficient and cost effective plant project service by tailoring international transportation, customs clearance and storage. We provide high value-added logistics services including export packing, disassembly and reassembly of the equipment.

Maintain the production schedule

We not only take care of logistics, but also create a transport timetable linked with the production schedule and use various transportation modes to maintain the schedule.


Customer Testimonials

  • SGL helped to eliminate the workload required for negotiations with the shipping company, the customs brokers, the truckers and the packing company, so we can concentrate on our core business.
  • With an efficient and cost-effective timetable created by international transport professionals, I was relieved as a plant manager. The transport management was highly visualized. We received status reports in a timely manner.
  • Through a single window, SGL covers all processes ranging from cargo receipt in Japan to carry-in and installation at the job site. This reduces information errors and leads to high efficiency.
  • SGL proposed procurement logistics after the completion of the plant and the product shipment. The operation is very smooth, and we are grateful for that.
International Logistics Dept.
(Europe, the Americas and Africa)
TEL :+81-3-6266-6610
International Logistics Dept.
(China, Asia and the Middle East)
TEL :+81-3-6266-6640

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