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Pallet Cleaning

Service introduction background

Desire to clean pallets despite the high cost of cleaning equipment and lack of cleaning personnel

GMP*1, ISO*2, HACCP*3and other quality standards have recently been toughened year by year. In addition, as a measure for excluding foreign particles and insects from products, there is mounting demand inside and outside the company to clean plastic pallets. However, pallet cleaning machinery is so costly and requires such a large space that it was difficult to decide to introduce it. If the pallets were manually washed, human resources for cleaning would be required and a large space for drying would be needed. In manual cleaning, it was difficult to achieve uniform cleaning quality.

Overview of the introduced service

We propose an optimal pallet cleaning plan in three steps.

We will foster customers' understanding of the SGL high quality pallet cleaning by taking three steps: firstly, explanations of the concept and video (C&V); secondly, a demonstration and a tour; and thirdly, a trial. In order to offer the best suited pallet cleaning method, we will propose not only standard machine cleaning but also an appropriate combination of optional services matched with customers' demand for cleaning quality.

1. Explanation: Descriptions of our service and check of current issues 2. Demonstration and tour: Demonstration of cleaning and a tour of a cleaning depot 3. Trial: Actually cleaning your pallets 4. Application

We propose the comprehensive management of pallets.

We propose all-inclusive support for pallet management that is not confined to pallet cleaning. In combination with our pallet collection service, we clean your used pallets collected from across the country and deliver the number of pallets you need.

We respond to cleaning demand at remote locations with our partner depots all over the country.

Pallets owned by customers who are not based near the SGL Kita Kanto pallet cleaning depot will be cleaned at our partner cleaning depots around the country. You can count on us if you have any issues with pallet cleaning.

Effects of service and Customer Testimonials

Effects of service

  • It is unnecessary to own any pallet cleaning machinery.
    There is no need to invest in an expensive pallet cleaning machine or to have a large space for installing it or a manager familiar with the machine.
  • The service meets demand for outsourcing pallet cleaning.
    The outsourcing of pallet cleaning minimizes your internal resources and allows you to concentrate on your core business.
  • We respond flexibly to different requests, for example, for one-time cleaning of pallets in bulk, for pallet cleaning in a specific season or period and for cleaning heavily stained pallets only.
  • We collect pallets from all over the country to clean them. Capitalizing on our pallet collection network, we collect used pallets from every part of Japan. We would be pleased if you would outsource all pallet-related operations to us, such as the collection of pallets from your customers, arrangement for transport for collection, and the management and delivery of cleaned pallets.

Feedback from customers

  • We have been freed from the manual cleaning of pallets.
    In the past, we wiped the pallets with a cloth dampened with alcohol each time they were taken into the clean zone in the factory. After using the SGL high quality pallet cleaning service, we can take the cleaned pallets into the clean zone as they are to achieve a considerable reduction in man-hours.
  • Stained pallets cleaned in bulk to enhance quality
    We felt a need to clean the pallets, but we had no staff for this and the pallets became dirty.
    We started using the SGL high quality pallet cleaning service to have our pallets cleaned in bulk. That has reduced the cost of purchasing new pallets and has enabled us to improve the production quality in response to quality complaints.


An abbreviation of Good Manufacturing Practice. It refers to the standards for production and quality management for drugs and quasi-drugs.
An abbreviation of International Organization for Standardization. It refers to standards such as the ISO 9000 series standards for quality systems.
An abbreviation of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. It refers to a method of food hygiene control developed in the United States in the 1960s to ensure the safety of food prepared for astronauts.

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